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Anello Sud del Natisone nature trail

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The stretch that runs alongside the Natisone stands out in this route: this river has proved essential for the genesis of Cividale del Friuli. Depending on the stretches, the waters flow slowly or rapidly. There is a rare yellow flowering plant on the rocks that border the water - il Leontodon brumatii - characteristic and exclusive to the gorge of Natisone. The escarpments accommodate vegetation in well-established meadows and bushes. Sul fondo della forra può affiorare il greto ghiaioso, nudo o popolato da formazioni di salici e pioppi. Undergrowth can emerge in the protected environment of the furrow of the river with mixed species. The route pushes on to Purgessimo overlapping with nature on its way.

Total time: circa 2 hours and 10 minutes

Distance: km. 7,500

Height difference: 89.80 ml

Difficulty level: middle

Starting/arrival point: piazzale dell'Ospedale

Trail colour: yellow